5 ways to have a more Christian Christmas

You will hardly find someone who doesn’t love Christmas. However, different people like it for different reasons. While some enjoy giving and receiving gifts, others are in it for more spiritual reasons. If you’d like this year’s Christmas to be a more Christian experience for your family, here are some suggestions on how to make it happen!

  1. Bake a birthday cake for Jesus

Christmas is a time for delicious food, which is why you don’t need to limit yourself to simpler dishes even if you want a more spiritual atmosphere. Instead of throwing out all your great holiday recipes, make time to bake and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus. After all, Christmas is his birthday.

  1. Give each other DIY gifts

Sick of the consumerist ways of celebrating one of the most important Christian holidays? If the answer is yes, you are in good company. But there is no need to make any dramatic changes in order to achieve a more Christian atmosphere. Namely, you don’t need to forbid giving gifts. Instead, you can institute a rule saying that all gifts need to be handmade.

  1. Watch Christian movies with your family

One of the best ways to make your family and yourself remember the true meaning of Christmas is to watch Christian movies. Since there are so many of them, you will surely find one interesting enough for the entire family.

  1. Decorate the bottom of the tree with the Nativity scene

You don’t have to throw out your Christmas tree decorations in order to have a more Christian holiday. Instead, you can add Nativity scene to it. People usually put them under their trees, and there are plenty of different versions to choose from. To save more, rent your Christmas Tree (don’t buy it!)

  1. Do something good for the community

Christmas should be about celebrating Jesus and our loved ones. But this doesn’t just mean family members. True Christians make effort to help their neighbors and their communities as well. So head to a soup kitchen or your local charity organization to find out what you can do to make others happy just as you would your family.