Should Religion Play a role in Politics?

It is well obvious that politics in the world today is remarkably influenced by religion. The Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern politics have some glimmering religious reflections in them. The link between religion and politics in the Middle East is well buttressed but this cord is still uncut in a civilized country like the U.S. However, is it appropriate for religion to determine the trends in politics?

Merging religion with politics as obvious today causes deceit, insincerity and difficulty in choosing the right candidate for a political position. Politicians simply use religion as a means to convince the poor majority to vote for them. Since people adhere to religion sheepishly, they do everything in the name of religion. Religion and politics should never be merged and if they are merged, they should be separated.

Religion and politics are two important institutions. Religion is established to appeal to an individual’s spiritual needs whereas politics deals with the material needs. Since these two needs are not the same, so also religion and politics should not be intertwined.

Separating religion from politics will lead to several benefits. Firstly, people will no longer vote because they feel obliged by some religions obligations or beliefs. People will vote because they believe the candidate deserves their vote. Secondly, there will be greater transparency in politics and service delivery. Most politicians hide under the undercover of religion to perpetrate corruption and embezzlement but with the separation of the two, the defining line will be drawn.

Furthermore, separation of religion from politics will empower people to know their rights and fight for it. In some countries, especially in the developing world, the poor believe that their conditions are punishment from some supreme being but with a defining line drawn between religion and politics, they will realize their fundamental human rights and demand their rights from the state.

Religion largely beclouds people and robs them of their rights and privileges. To make people understand and stick to their fundamental rights, it is necessary to draw a distinctive line between religion and the state. This will ensure a free and fair politics void of deceit and misdeeds.