Why Religion Rules American Politics

America is a society founded on Christianity and would always be dominated by Christianity. It boosts of 71% Christians with other minor religious groups occupying the rest 29%. Religion dominates every activity in America; even American slogans are a reflection of the deep rooted religion in the country. Religion rules American politics primarily because it is important for Americans. Unlike some other developed countries, Americans are very religious. A survey conducted on a few developed nations shows that 65% of Americans see religion as a part of their daily activities whereas only 19% Danes, 17% Swedes and 24% Japanese responded similarly.

Religion is tied to the root of American politics. The president and American citizens would religiously ask God to Bless America and host religious leaders in the White House. Such religiousness is not seen in some other developed countries, especially in the Europe. Religion has been part of the American public life even before the 1970s. The early evangelical revival has contributed immensely in steaming religiousness in the American society and influenced political leaders and thereby introducing religion into politics.

Moreover, America is comprised of a large number of immigrants from underdeveloped and poor countries who are inclined to adopting various religious views. This category of people is welcoming of the conservative religious ideas. Both the democrats and the republicans take religious stance in their quest to rule the American politics. Most politicians in America adopt religious views as a means to convince the religious poor masses to vote for them, a measure that will end up concentrating money in the hands of the affluent.

Politics is ruled by whatever rules the masses and since religion is an everyday activity in America, it drives politics in the United States tremendously. Politicians seek to wield influence in order to gain acceptability and recognition; and religion can afford that easily. The poor majority in America is easily swayed by the religiously political elites that creep in under the umbrella of religion but are indeed politicians just to sweep humongous amount of votes. Religion will always continue to influence politics in America and vice versa. The two are inseparable especially as it relates to American style of living.